Propane & Natural Gas Piping

Propane Gas Piping

It’s impossible to install a propane gas system without proper propane gas piping. There are also many factors that can influence which type of piping is right in a particular situation. Here at Bahr’s Propane, we have extensive experience with propane pipe installation and repair. This means that we are thoroughly familiar with all types of propane gas piping and when it is appropriate to use each of them.

Local Knowledge

Because we have been operating in multiple areas around Florida for more than 20 years, Phoenix Construction technicians know the local regulations inside and out. We can advise you on the types of materials to use and what to watch for during the process. Of course, our technicians are also always available to carry out repairs and maintenance for you as well.

No matter what type of propane gas piping you’re looking for, you’ll find it at Phoenix Construction. We also carry a variety of sizes to ensure that you can find just the right product for the job. While you may not be looking to install your propane gas piping yourself, you should be familiar with what it looks like and what types of things to watch for.

Expert Propane Service

When they install your propane tank or appliances, our expert technicians can take you through the entire process so that you understand exactly what they are doing and why. They’ll also go over with you how to recognize and detect a leak so that it doesn’t become a dangerous situation.

Regardless of whether or not we installed your propane gas piping initially, we’ll be happy to come out and replace or repair existing systems. At Phoenix Construction, we use only the highest quality piping available and our skilled technicians have years of experience working with these types of systems and equipment. We are also very serious about our commitment to excellent customer service. You will be thrilled with the quality of work we do and the way our employees conduct themselves.